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Highlights of the Short Film Festival of Drama, 2014 – Tuesday
List assembled by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou

The following is a list of my personal favourites screened this year at the Short Film Festival of Drama. Of the Tuesday screenings, that is. There were so many good shorts at the festival this year that I cannot possibly fit them all into one single blog entry. I will thus dedicate several blog entries to my personal faves, one per day of the festival.

Pumanawa: The Gift by Poata Eruera, no trailer

Siren by Johan Bleicher, trailer

The Being from Elsewhere by Renaud De Putter and Guy Bourdin, no trailer

Left Side of the Face (2013 Documentary) by Mateusz Glowacki, trailer

3 – 1 = 0 by Juan Galiñanes, trailer

97% by Ben Brand, trailer

Shades of Gray by Alexandra Averyanova, no trailer

Dinner by Anna Lyubinetska, trailer, no trailer

Lighthouse Woman, Ana Kitanova, no trailer

La Maison de poussière (the house of dust) by Jean-Claude Rozec, trailer

Greek School Prayer by Thanasis Neofotistos, trailer

The Immortalizer – Μάριος Πιπερίδης, trailer


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