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Past highlights of the Short Film Festival of Drama

List compiled by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou

1,2 Million Children are bought and sold across international borders each year. Script, Direction, Animation, Design: Effie Pappa

‘Yellow Moon’ by Zvonimir Jurić

Duck Crossing by Koldo Almandoz

Esterhazy by Izabela Plucinska

Poste Restante by Marcel Łoziński

“Tile M for Murder (excerpt)” by Magnus Holmgren

Sinner by Meni Philip

Peter’s Room by Nicolas Kolovos

Reverse by Georgis Grigorakis

Château Belvedere by Patryk Dawid Chlastawa

Casus Belli by Yorgos Zois

The Last Page by Director/Writer: Kevin Acevedo

Cats keep falling on my head by Δήμητρα Νικολοπούλου

Diploma by Yaelle Kayam

Kavi by Gregg Helvey

Βγήκαμε Από Τα Ρούχα Μας / 1st Naked Bike Ride Greece
by Elli Zerbini

Without Glasses by Konstantinos Antonopoulos

Liminal by Stephen Keep Mills

Roentgen by Michael Venus

Hot Dog by Bill Plympton

Lullaby by Yianna Amerikanou

A Love Story by Bujar Alimani

Monsters and Rabbits by Nicky Lianos

making of:

Wings and Oars by Vladimir Leschiov

The House by Angelos Spartalis

on self seduction by Nick Katikaridis

Wrinkles and Dreams by the “Fysalida” Dance Group

and of course Mesecina by Σοφία Εξάρχου

Note: I assembled this list to counter claims – such as those by Alexander Voulgaris- that the movies screened at the Short Film Festival of Drama are nothing but backass backwards conservative uncreative graduation shorts by students who are feeling the hot breath of their film school teachers breathing down their necks and are hence given to self-censorship, the result being what Alexander Voulgaris had referred to (before he locked up his Facebook account to hide his comments) as an εμετοφεστιβαλ (literally, “a puke-inducing festival”) with lackluster and uninteresting movies. This list is only a sample of the wide array of films being screened at the festival. many of my personal favourite shorts aren’t online or are no longer online. To my great frustration I couldn’t even find a trailer for some of the shorts I really wanted to include in my list, shorts which have clearly disappeared into obscurity. Maybe if self-declared cinephiles had spent more time getting the shorts more exposure rather than bashing the festivals screening them, maybe these short movies wouldn’t have disappeared without leaving as much as a trailer behind.


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