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The following part of this blog entry is pure fiction.

No relation to existing people or events is implied.

Skeleton key: Who’s Afraid of Appropriation Art, part 3
by drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou
(c) 2014 all rights reserved
referenced/appropriated works are (c) their respective makers
embedded video appropriation art is CC
and no copyright is implied

In the back of the professional S&M pornographer’s office the blogger discovers a small viewing room, a dark room with a noose made of men’s socks tied together hanging from the middle of the ceiling like a gallow. A state of the art Blu-ray machine is connected to a fancy beamer. The blogger picks up the remote control and feeling in a lucky mood, she presses “play”. The following opening credits appear on the screen before her:

Please enter the password “appropriation” to view the following video

“I know that company, Karacult. Only puts out worthless trash movies.”, opines the blogger. “I once knew an Irish asshole who played a song called Το Άυριο είναι σήμερα on the piano over and over again like an OCD motherfucker driving himself nuts. I take that phrase to be a bad omen. Anyone using the phrase Το Άυριο είναι σήμερα is bad news. You have to wonder why all these assholes obsessed with Το Άυριο είναι σήμερα all happen to be piano-players making bad films no one watches. I have barely made it past the opening credits and already I wonder whether I can stomach any more of this.”. The blogger takes a deep breath and concentrates hard, as the opening sequence of the movie continues:

Please enter the password “appropriation” to view the following video


The blogger presses “pause” and stares at the screen confused. “What the heck was that was about?”, she wonders feeling disoriented and nauseated. “I have read George Orwell’s 1984, this isn’t 1984! This is just a bunch of colour corrected underwater shots someone filmed with a shitty camera having the living daylights “enhanced” out of them with a load of tacky filters! What a rip off! Why is the professional S&M pornographer into this artsy fartsy crap anyway? Για ποιόν λόγο κάποιος να κάνει «καλλιτεχνικές» ταινίες αν δεν θέλει να πει κάτι και να αλλάξει τα πράγματα γύρω του; This pretention-fest belongs at best in a gallery or an exhibition space, not on a movie screen. And what’s with the creepy pedo-dream about the prostituted child at the end? I bet that’s why he likes it.”.

As the blu-ray movie is playing the blogger loads the next gen menu and starts browsing through the chapters on the Blu-ray disc. She notices a chapter titled “Damon Packard”. “Α, τώρα θα γελάσουμε επιτέλους!”, smiles the blogger. “Damon Packard is that kook obsessed with Steven Spielberg, always good for a laugh.”. The blogger loads chapter 12 and witnesses the following:


Please enter the password “appropriation” to view the following video

Any semblance of smile on the blogger’s face is now long gone. “But, but, I thought you hated Schindler’s List…! This is so terrible, even Damon Packard would hate this. The same thing over and over, looping a bad memory in your head. Like I need to join you on the hamster wheel you are stuck upon in your own insane mind right now.”, she says, trying to disgest what she just saw. “I can see why they hung a noose in this viewing room, someone is bound to want to hang themselves after having to sit through this.”. The blogger leaves the secret viewing room. As she exits, the following is playing on the screen, the sickly hue of the image flickering on the bloggers back:

Please enter the password “appropriation” to view the following video


In the professonal S&M pornographer’s kitchen, deep in the basement of the castle where the blogger can’t hear what’s happening, something wicked and broken goes hissssssssssssssssssssssssssss…

…to be continued…


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