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Another review of my short stories

You are very original in everything you do
because of your unique character.
Every artist gets its ideas from somewhere else
but the way he/she brings them in life it is what
makes them distinguished.
Ideas don`t come out of nothing.
You have as far i know found a unique way to
say/write down the stories of your heart/soul.
There is always some very fine sensitivity
shining through even in your darkest stories and
that makes them look like the belief that says
that light shines better in total darkness.
I`m sure that more people will like your

The same person who sent me the above sent me
this article to read:

The Right to Write

And here is a review of the short story Black Blood from the Skeleton Key series, wherein the character of the blogger is mercilessly reviewing badly written Greek p0rn:

Η τελευταία ιστορία σου πολύ καλή με βαθιά 
παρατηρητικότητα και σωστά τεκμήρια κριτικής
εναντίον της φτηνής πορνογραφίας και της
κοινότυπης γραφής στα κείμενα του Βουλγαρη.

It is such a deeply satisfying feeling for me, when people totally get what it is I am trying to convey with these short stories.

drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou


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