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Remember how back in the old days MTV used to show little art school short movies as filler in between the music videos? One of these was about a guy who lived in a house with a colony of cockroaches. The name of the short was “Joe’s Apartment”. One night he brings home a girl, and while at first the cockroaches are cheering him on, they eventually interfere significantly with his date who runs out the door screaming as the cockroaches drop from a lamp hanging from the ceiling onto her lap. That was the first thing that came to mind when I read Alexander Voulgaris’rant in an interview about being chased around by cockroaches whatever neigborhood he moves into in Athens. I imagined το Γρύλισμα in that sense. Also because he described his album American Unicorn in the online promo like this: “It’s The Applegates, a family of cockroaches transformed into humans in order to flood the american suburbs.”




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