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Hey there lurker, I see you won a prize…

Ο The Boy (Αλέξανδρος Βούλγαρης, γιός του Παντελή) κέρδισε το βραβείο μουσικής για τους «Αισθηματίες» του Νίκου Τριανταφυλλίδη


Congradulations *snort* How reassuring to learn that the Greek Film
Academy supports cinematic pedophilia apologists and advocates just because their surname happens to be “Voulgaris” which is considered a family film-brand in Greece. Kinda like the Arquettes are considered a family “mafia” in Hollywood; maybe someone will be coding such a Wikipedia entry about the Voulgarises in the near future? Oh, and would you molest my children too in your movies, Greek Film Academy judges, since you think it is acceptable for a film-maker to be advocating exactly that despite the widespread ban on the sexual exploitation of children in movies?

Greek oikogeniocracy at work in full swing

Mark my words: no regular Greek film-maker, actor or OST composer in
any category whatsoever would ever win a single prize at the Greek Film
Academy awards if they ever came out in support of pedophilia and
children performing sex scenes with adults, let alone anyone urging his
followers on Facebook to download de facto criminal child pornography
such as Maladolescenza by deceiving them it’s supposedly “a soft porn
teen movie”. What you are witnessing here is not someone being awarded
because they really deserve it. What they deserve is to be shunned by
the whole industry for advocating what amounts to naked exploitation and abuse. You are witnessing the rotten Greek system of oikogeniocracy at work, families of influence and power conspiring with fellow travelers to cover up who Alexander Voulgaris really is and what he really stands for by showering him with prizes.

Does anyone still doubt my claims that the Voulgarises are untouchable
in Greece because they are “the equivalent of left-wing royalty”? I am
not exaggerating folks, it entirely true and this just goes to show. As
for his dad winning prizes for Little England, I paid to see that movie
and loved it just as I loved all the other movies by his dad. At least
someone got awarded by the Academy who really deserves it.

drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou

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