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I cannot believe my eyes! The pedophile-friendly Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands, a notorious safe haven for the most despicable pedos you can imagine, has just this week proceeded to ban an entire pedophilia advocacy organization:

The pro-paedophilia organisation Martijn should be banned, the Dutch supreme court ruled on Friday, marking the end of a legal battle which began in 2011.

The court’s decision is in line with recommendations made by the advocate general in March. He said the organisation should be banned because the protection of children should weigh more heavily than freedom of expression.

The Martijn Foundation campaigns for the legalisation of sexual contact between adults and children and has been the subject of a convoluted legal battle for years.

because the protection of children should weigh more heavily than freedom of expression“, this is something Voulgaris and his followers still have to figure out, as does the Greek government that is openly funding Voulgaris while he continues to spew his pedophilia apologetics and advocacy on Facebook.

Speaking of which, oh yes, wave at the lurking cameraboy’s camera over there boys and girls because he is still there, right there… See what he’s doing? He’s taking pictures of you, boys and girls, bathing innocently and unaware in the water.

She said: He sets the bar so high, gets you to root for him, yet he aims so low, lower than freak-basement low.
He said: Για μένα η πιο φυσιολογική,αληθινή,ανθρώπινη,θαρραλέα και πολιτική ταινία είναι το Freaks του Todd Browning.

She said: I openly dare him to have the screenplay for “Νήμα” translated into English and sent to an American talent agency, I am sure it will come back with the reader’s signature under the words “fuck you”.
He said: Δικιά μου πρόταση είναι να γυρίσουμε πίσω αυτές τις ταμπέλες με ενα μεγάλο αντε γαμήσου πάνω.

So you’re still lurking… *hand staple forehead*

It’s that I’m under a restraining order otherwise I would show you where I got that phrase from, about you getting back your screenplay from an American talent agency with the reader’s “fuck you” over his signature. It’s not mine, I steal left and right from others just like you do with my blog entries. The guy I stole it from is right here as we speak, yes, you are not alone, he is lurking here too just like you do, I wish you two guys could meet eachother and lurk together, maybe becoming lurking buddies gezellig samentjes cyberstalking the cyberstalker. Tune in over 3 months when I can post the source-article, since you claim you’re a “screenwriter first” you will like reading it, and hopefully learn a few things before you dare call yourself a “screenwriter first” again.

Άρρωστες είναι οι ταινίες που πάσχουν απο κάποια ασθένεια. Αυτές είναι οι ταινίες του Michael Bay (απο κάποιο σύνδρομο που επηρέαζει την λειτουργία του μυαλού),κάποιες απο τις ταινίες του Spielberg (ψυχολογικό πρόβλημα ενος ανθρώπου που θα ήθελε να είναι πιο σοβαρός απ’οτι είναι),ολες οι ταινίες του Σμαραγδή (απο κοινή Old school τρέλα).

What, no Peter Jackson bashing?! Yes, everybody who considers themselves a serious film geek bitchez about Michael Bay but they still go and watch and cheer on Platinum Dunes movies whenever those come out. Guess who’s behind that company bucko. Did you like the Friday the 13th reboot? The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot? That’s right, Bay produced them together with his Platinum Dunes buddies. Did you know Bay’s Platinum Dunes buddies own the rights to your beloved Hitchcock’s The Birds? You might find Bay lurking where you didn’t imagine him, kinda like you do at my blog.

Και τότε τι είναι φυσιολογικό; Και τι είναι αληθινό;

What’s real? DOCS ARE! I got this in the mail just today via Artforum:

Once the barriers of what constitutes documentary have been breached, the application of the “documentary” tag becomes increasingly discretionary. After all: The machine cannot lie! To paraphrase Animal Farm, all movies are nonfiction, but some movies are more nonfiction than others. Even the burden of photographic proof isn’t a requirement at “Art of the Real.”

And if you had a clue about Kubrick you would know what a documentarian and an archivist he was. He was a photographer before he became a film-maker. His debut Killer’s Kiss was based on a documentary he had prepped for his employer in NY about a boxer. Has it ever occured to you that Kubrick was such a great film-maker because unlike you he was not sheltering himself from reality but was immersed in the documentary image of the real as the foundation of his artistry? (I always compare this to the way a good traditional painter has to practice with life models to learn how to make the human body work for them in their own paintings.) But you already knew all that didn’t you, εγκυκλοπαιδική πουτανιτσα του Stanley?!

Oh, and another thing since you are lurking, when I say Heaven’s Gate, I am talking about the CULT, not the movie:

You say you dig Throbbing Gristle, have you ever heard this mr Transgression?

That’s Genesis P’Orridge’s Psychic TV playing the tape of cult-leader Jim Jones’ cult-members drinking the kool aid saying “Thank you dad”. That’s the kinds of references those of us have who are into documentaries and firmly embedded in reality. Got it now? When I was translating the Sunbed Coffins song, this is how I imagined the people sunbathing themselves to death in your sci-fi, as being part of a religious cult.

Όταν ο Cronenberg είναι “sic and twisted”,

And for goodness’sake LEARN ENGLISH, it’s SICK and twisted, CK, fucking Calvin Klein!

I never said Cronenberg is sick and twisted. This is my full quote from my expossay on you:

Alexander Voulgaris not only diminishes the coming-out of a female rape-victim by erasing the victim altogether from the equation, thus implicitly defending Woody Allen’s supposed “right” to rape his own child as a father, in Voulgaris’ truly sick and warped unreasoning the right of a father to rape his own daughter somehow extends to the artistic “right” of a film-maker – inevitably a male one – to rape children with his camera by having children perform sexual scenes with or without adults before the camera.

Sick and twisted is your unreasoning claiming that Woody Allen gets a free pass to rape his daughter because he just so happens to make such cool films that you like. THAT is what’s sick and twisted.

Άρρωστοι είναι αυτοί που οτιδήποτε πραγματικά αληθινό δεν μπορούν να το αντέξουν.

Yes, there is that, and then there is the old wisdom which says: nothing drives a psychopath more crazy than someone calling him out for what he really is, a crazy psychopath. I went to court to defend this age-old wisdom. Maybe you get so riled up about someone referring to your unthinking and unreasoning regarding pedophilia as sick and twisted because you have enough of a mental faculty left to recognize it for what it is, indeed and undeniably profoundly sick and twisted?

The day you have the dick and balls to make a movie yourself that is so φυσιολογική, αληθινή, ανθρώπινη, θαρραλέα και πολιτική that you get to spend a few days in jail and a few years in the courts and are financially ruined as a result of expressing your deeply held beliefs and most inner thoughts in film, the day you are really willing to pay the price for persuing your supposed natural right to freedom of conscience and freedom expression for all it’s worth, that is the day I will stop calling you a poseur and wannabe. Are you willing to spend a few nights in jail for your rocknroll? Are you ready to be raped by the fascists in the public square for all to see? Do you have the matches ready when the exact same type of people who went after Galileo Galilei force you to set light the funeral pile with all your life’s work? Are you willing to live in the gutter for speaking my mind? Will you continue to do so after they’ve dragged your through the streets and let you know they are still not done with you? I have very high standards when it comes to transgressive poseurs like you claiming “artistic liberation”. I can tell you as a person who has been chained down, bound and gagged by fascists, you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about when the word liberation comes out of your mouth.

drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou


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